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Meet Khara

Certified Life & Weight Coach & Whole-Body Wellness Expert

I help women permanently end their struggles with food & weight and create the results they want most without sacrificing their mind & body wellness. 

After secretly struggling with emotional eating, binge eating, and chronic dieting/restricting for over 20 years of my life, I felt extremely ashamed, hopeless, and completely out of control.

I thought there was something innately wrong with me, that my brain was broken, and that I would be trapped in my self-inflicted prison forever.

Through working with my own coach, I discovered that nothing was wrong with me and that my brain was working exactly as it was designed to.


Once I gained the knowledge, skills, and tools I needed to stop using food to cope with my emotional life, I was able to find the freedom and peace I had been in search of for so long.


When I stopped using food as my #1 source of comfort, pleasure, distraction, and escape my life expanded in ways I could have never imagined.


I now feel completely calm & in control around food, comfortable & confident in my body, and powerful & unstoppable in my life.


I learned how to trust myself, respect myself, and believe in myself.  I know now that I have 100% control over food, my life, and my brain at any time and in any situation. 


It’s now my passion to use what I learned along my journey to help other women who are struggling find the same freedom that I did.

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